Asians in Paris

Like Jay-z says “That shit cray”, that is how I describe Paris in a nutshell. You’ll notice in the photos captured by Daria Lorman (#darialorman) are mainly me walking around Paris absorbing my surroundings getting inspired and to recognize that amazing artists have strolled down these streets centuries ago. That being said, after months of hiatus from blogging and getting inspired from traveling, I have been focusing on and working on some exciting projects that will be announced in months to come, stay tuned queens!

This post goes out to all my Fashionista’s who love being surrounded by fashion, art and lifestyle.

Paris, thank you for having me. You most definitely took a piece of my fucking HEART.








Shirt – Japanese designer
Pants – Zara
Hat – OATW
Shoes – Converse

Bitch don’t kill our vibe

Let’s be honest, Fishy Queens love being in front of the camera and are #selfie #instagram obsessed. I thought to myself, “Why not capture a typical Sunday afternoon hangout with my fierce Queen-y friends in Montreal?” and sure enough my vision became reality. Like Kendrick Lamar says “Bitch don’t kill my (our) vibe”.











Photographer | Monique Weston
Location | The Loft Montreal (Plateau)

Roger Medina featured in upcoming web series

To all my followers and viewers, I apologize for my hiatus. I have been working in Paris and traveling to Amsterdam and Barcelona to gain inspiration and meeting with my industry peers. I will post some of my work I did in Paris next month, stay tuned hunty’s!

Have you ever looked through magazines and ever wondered how many people were actually on set to create that one photo for the cover of Vogue or how many months it took for a designer to prep outfits for a 30 minute fashion show?

Chosen, A Canadian Web Series takes you behind the scenes to capture gritty and glamorous moments from the dedicated artists that are with you every step of your day. Proud to announce that I will be a featured artist in Chosen which will premiere later this year. Till then, watch the preview above!

If you would like more information about chosen, please email Janelle Johnson at –

Spotlight : Mikey Ngo

Mikey 2

    This honey boo boo child, Mikey Ngo caught my eye a couple weeks back when I was hashtag searching #ladygaga through instagram. This custom biker jacket came up that Lady Gaga was wearing. From there, I wanted to find the source of who was in charge of this creation.

    I’m fabulously honored to feature and shine some spotlight on Mikey Ngo this week. Can’t wait to collaborate, create a custom piece made by Mikey and meet up in LA sometime soon for sickening photoshoot! Read and learn below drag and queens.

Tell me a little bit about yourself, where your from and how did you get into what your doing now?

Hello everyone! My name is Michael Ngo (a.k.a. Mikey Ngo or @imNGO). I’m 26 years old, born and raised in San Jose, California and have been living in Los Angeles for the past five years. I’m currently working at a denim-based fashion boutique on Melrose Place as well as simultaneously pursuing my BA in Fashion Design at The Art Institute of Los Angeles.

I’ve been surround by art and fashion all my life and have always had a creative spirit inside me, but I didn’t realize how much I loved the craft of design until Halloween of 2009 when I made a replica of Lady Gaga’s mirrored “Paparazzi” outfit from “The Fame Ball” and having Mother Monster, herself, tell me that I was “fuckin’ talented!” after seeing it. I embraced that new creativity energy and have been creating and designing fashion pieces and outfits ever since.

How do you spot trends and where do you draw inspiration from?

Fashion Magazines! I love and obsess over the process of purchasing the newest issues of V Mag, Elle, Vanity Fair, GQ, Flaunt, and all the Vogue’s, and spending hours on hours ravaging through them—picking apart every detail and construction and every seam and dart!

_Kill The BitchGa_ VestgagashoesThe _Monster Varsity Jacket_ (1)

Also, as cliché as it may sound, I really pay close attention the to world and the people around me. I keep an “Inspiration” photo album on my iPhone camera roll where I capture and save images of anything and everything that sparks my interest from real-life, the internet, and social networks. For instance, I’ll be out and about and notice a color or texture I really like and take a picture of it or I’ll be in bed forcing myself to fall sleep but can’t because I’m consumed by a social media app like Instagram or Pintrest then I’ll see someone post amazing and I’ll save or screenshot it so I can reinterpret it later on.

Lastly from my friends & peers. I’m so blessed & fortunate to be surrounded by extremely talented stylists, designers, photographers, artists, dancers, and drag queens that constantly inspire me to get to the next level and keep me on my toes. The possibilities are endless when we share our talents and bounce our creative energy off of each other and I know we’ll have cross-collaborations of epic proportions in the future.

Does your work reflect your personal fashion taste? Can you describe your style?

Yes. My work and personal fashion both share the same dynamic of having a clean elementary foundation ,like black skinny jeans, or a simple black hourglass silhouette dress, but depending on my mood or inspiration of the moment, I’ll tailor the look to convey that feeling by adding something fun, like a studded belt or rhinestones. My overall personal aesthetic, just like mentioned, is usually very clean and minimalistic but with a flare of design.

My personal style ranges anywhere from industrial grunge and urban prep to GQ-swag and wannabe hipster. I love the color scheme of Black & White and tonal colors, with textures of denim and leather, and accents of anything metallic or shiny.


What’s your biggest accomplishment to date?

My biggest achievement to date is having designed three custom jackets (the “Cross Studded Biker Jacket”, the “Monster Studded Varsity Jacket” and the “Crystal Liberation Jacket”) for Lady Gaga, personally giving them to her and hearing her say “I love that jacket!”, “Look how well made it is! It’s impressive…this is very well made. I know when a garment is well-made and this one is!” and once again she told me “You are fucking talented!”

Gaga & Cross Biker Jacket in NYC 2The _Cross Biker Jacket_ (1)

Hearing those words straight from her mouth makes me feel so accomplished as an individual and as an artist, not only because of my affinity for her music and her message (individuality, loving yourself and “Born This Way”), but because she is also my muse, a huge fashion inspiration, and the catalyst that affirmed I was “on the right track” to my career in design.
Gaga was photographed in the “Biker Studded Jacket” multiple times in the summer of 2011—once meeting fans before a show, another backstage with Steven Tyler before her performance on American Idol, and lastly candidly strutting the NYC streets paired with pieces from Chanel and Versace.

Rick Genest Behind The Scenes Shot

A more recent piece of work I’m extremely proud of are some behind the scenes photos from a BTFL editorial photoshoot of Rick Genest, a.k.a. Zombie Boy, modeling my “Freedom Cap” that I originally designed for The Born This Way Ball.


What kind of fabrics/ do you like to use or would you like to work more with?

I love to work heavy and structured fabrics like leather and denim because they’re both great foundations for any kind of craft or embellishment like studs or crystals. I’m currently in the process of working with soft-hand and sheer fabrics that flow and drape well like mesh and chiffon—I’m a bit obsessed with the witchcraft trend at the moment.

Crystal _Liberation_ Jacket (1)

 Who’s the most influential fashion icon for you at the moment?

Lady “Mother-Fucking” Gaga. The bitch is EVERYTHING. I don’t think I need to explain this one.

Aside from designing, what other things do you do?

Before I began designing, dance and performing arts was my main my creative outlet. I love to dance and I had originally moved to LA to pursue a career in dance entertainment, unfortunately it wasn’t right for me. I still dance all the time though…just not in a studio anymore. You can find me doing hand and arm choreography while in my car stuck in horrific LA traffic; or practicing my twerking abilities when I’m at work and there aren’t any clients in my store; and vogueing while I blast heavy baselines while I’m working on a project in the design studio.  Dance is in my blood, but design conquers my heart.


    Before recording artists such as Justin Bieber, K$sha, WillIAM, Britney Spears started repeatedly mixing techno, dubstep, drum and base beats into their songs, There was a rave subculture in the early to mid 1990’s that started the sound and culture behind it all. Everyone would dance and party to the beats while being high as a motherfucker on Ecstasy/MDMA.

Being a 90’s child, I connected with the rave scene then shortly after being influenced by the hip hop/rnb culture for a number of years. At the time, I wasn’t out yet and the scene seemed like a good fit for me to explore and to finally express myself a bit more. I fell in love with all the colorful clothing, wide legged pants, mesh tops, glow sticks, visors, Kandie bracelets  and bright colored hair.

The rave scene now isn’t the same as it used to be and it never will be. For those who haven’t had the chance to experience the heart of this era, this post goes out to you. See the era through my eyes on this  MDNA (Medina) High for a hot minute with me and my girls Elise and Jocelyn.














Big thanks to Beverly Claeys for letting me capture my vision in Fame Night club and Mike Mulhall for the amazing lighting.

James Adams, you know this already you fucking genius. You are destined for big things and that’s why your apart of my team and I thank you for your hard work even though at times I can be a perfectionist.

Last but not least, Samanta Katz. I love you and thank you being apart of this set. You’ve captured my vision to a T and some. Saying thank you cannot express how much I value your talent and our friendship. Can’t wait to fill you in on my next project coming up!

Photographer | Samanta Katz
Videographer | James Adams
Lighting Tech | Mike Mulhall
Location | Fame Nightclub

Juno Awards with Carly Rae Jepsen

     This past weekend was an amazing experience I’ve haven’t had in a fucking long time. I was at The Juno Awards working along my partner in crime Andrea Tiller aka DRE ( beautifying Carly Rae Jepsen throughout the evening. The whole day was an experience from getting Carly ready for the Red Carpet, driving to the Junos in our SUV, prepping her before and after performance followed by two press conferences with the media, then prepping her for the after party that we were about to attend together.

      Even though I haven’t worked with Carly prior to the Junos, I felt after watching her perform live while I had my hair bag and hairspray ready to go when she got off stage for touchups that she truly is evolving and becoming a true pop artist. That being said, she was the queen of the evening cleaning out the house winning three awards – Single of the year, Pop album of the year and Album of the year. Also being crowned “Best Dressed”. (WORK!)


Medina’s Juno outfit


 On our way to the Junos!




Getting ready for Carly’s performance


Dre and I vogueing while we’re stressed as ….!


Carly and her dancers


Final touches before showtime


Watching backstage Carly wins Album of the year


Press Conference


Afterparty ready


     I would like to thank my boyfriend Jeremy Johnson, without you in my life I wouldn’t be where I am today and I thank you for that. Andrea Tiller, thank you for being a fabulous fierce friend and for giving me this opportunity to work with you and Carly Rae Jepsen. Can’t wait to sip on margarita limes again and dance our asses off to 90’s hip hop mixes but most importantly work together again! Tell the team it was a pleasure to meet them as well and give Carly a big “KISS” on the cheek for me when you see her later this week. <3

In the next couple of weeks, I will be releasing a pre Juno’s video where Andrea will be making an appearance to discuss her vision for Carly’s look. Stay Tuned! – Roger Medina

Gaysters Paradise

When a gay 90’s child pays tribute to Hip hop’s early 90’s subculture lifestyle, you get a mash up of triple F (fierce, fabulous and ferocious). Being heavily influenced by the hip hop/rnb culture in Roger’s early years, He felt it was right to pay homage to the culture that has influenced him to become the fierce queen he is today. Let him take you into his world of a “Gaysters Paradise” followed by an epic behind the scenes video.



Shirt – Givenchy
Pants – Adidas
Hat – OATW
Shoes – Vintage



Shirt – Aaliyah custom
Pants – Vintage
Sweater – Adidas
Shoes – Buffalo



Shirt – Vintage
Pants – Lennard Taylor
Beanie – Urban Outfitters
Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell

Photographer| Amy Middleton
Videographer | James Adams


Check out Medina’s behind the scenes video from this shoot. MIND FUCK!